Hallo everyone,

Here’s the latest SerpentStar.

Please note that SerpentStar is looking for a new editor. It’s great fun, light easy work, and keeps you in touch. Plus you learn heaps about desktop publishing – a valuable skill these days. If you have a few spare hours per quarter year, consider volunteering for this enjoyable, richly rewarding job. I will be available to help you get your hand in.

Meanwhile This Imbolc’s SerpentStar is hosted here:

SerpentStar Imbolc 2010

Anyone having difficulty downloading it, let me, wyverne, know at wyeuro@bigpond.com and I’ll try emailing it direct.

(During the archiving project, Jowen made contact to say she had noticed the poem she had submitted to this issue had been published in the wrong order. Click below to read a restored version.)

Jowen Poem Imbolc 2010 restored version