Words of Days Gone By

SerpentStar is proud to be conducting a long-term project to electronically archive hard copy back-issues of our newsletter. Copies will be uploaded as they are scanned by our intrepid volunteers. If you’d like to be involved in this project, please email serpentstar.obod@gmail.com – we’d especially love to hear from any previous editors who might still have original pdfs not already hosted here.  /|\


With thanks to Elkie White, we present the VERY FIRST edition, SerpentStar Alban Hefin 1997!!!!



Alban Elfed 1998 Or, as it was known back then, Alban Elued. Scanned by Elkie White, who writes “There’s some really interesting stuff in this one: assembly plans, including Philip’s inaugural visit to Australia, Eisteddfod, and an article on Australian native tree essences. Enjoy! Elkie” There’s also mention of the formation of the seed group which was to become Macadamia Grove!

NEW Alban Arthan 1998 Scanned by Elkie White, who writes: “I’m having fun going back through these old editions. I had forgotten that I had called for 100 songs that we could sing at assemblies; that was an ambitious vision!!! But thanks to Jo White we did have about a dozen to sing at the 2010 assembly – so it may yet happen! I notice that Keith also made a request: for people to write about their Sacred Places. I’m not sure how far we got with that; perhaps it will be apparent as I keep scanning. Kathy also made a request – that’s 3 in one small SS – for a Sacred Tree Register. It would be grand to pick up these threads in the anniversary edition you are planning (I agree! – Ed). There’s also a letter and article from Philip, some ‘Grove Talk’, and Anzac Day ceremony, an article on Vervain, Members Skill Share and Bards Corner. I’m impressed!”

Alban Eilir 1998 Scanned by Elkie White, who writes “A couple of great little articles from Joel and Steve in this one.”

Alban Hefin (Heruin) 1998 Scanned by Elkie White, who writes “It’s longer than the previous ones and I note that there are articles from people that we haven’t heard from in a very long time, particularly the WA folks: Kennan and Murray. Kathy continues her tree register, extending it to the Canyon Sanctuary. Sacred Place is taken up by Jeanette, inspiring me to visit sometime! And Rosemary continues her Australian Native Essences. There’s news from NZ by Bill, an astrology article by Alice, and reports on the assembly.”


Alban Hefin (Heruin) 1999 Scanned by Elkie White, who writes “Final edition for that year, decade, century and millennium! In this edition Keith and Kirsty share their experiences of Christmas in Australia. Plans are afoot for more overseas visitors, and Murray Barton has written a fascinating piece called Plainsong. Carole initiates the idea of introducing ourselves and includes her own bio (I can’t remember if anyone else took up the idea). She also includes an excellent article from the OBOD website.”

2000 coming soon



Alban Elfed (Elued) 2001 Scanned by Elkie White, who writes “Plans for the 5th Assembly at Yulara to coincide with the Winter Solstice and a Solar Eclipse are now in their final stages. Correspondences for the Blue Mountains, part 2, (April, May & June), and Green Fire, part 2, by Vivienne come next. NOBOD webmasters put out a call for SH ceremonies. Bard’s Corner is again well stocked: A Bard’s Winter Journey by Bran-Wen, The Well of Fire and Water, by David, The Waterlily by Raelene, and Poututerangi by Kirsti in NZ. In More Wisdom and Healing from the Trees, Rosemary turns her attention to the works of Edward Bach and Ian White. There’s a notice about a Bardic & Healing Workshop by Jay Ramsay and a skill share request from Ruiseart agus Ceit. This edition finishes with a long article entitled The Goddess in Druidry by Gwalchwen.”

2002/3 coming soon



Alban Arthan 2004 Scanned by Cherry and Denis Carroll. Due to the age of the original copy the poem on page 2, “The Groves” by Patrick Murphy, is no longer legible. Elkie White also tried unsuccessfully to scan it, then got out her magnifying glass and provided the following translation:

From the circular temples
Of Ireland to Stonehenge
In Britain the ancient ones
Left an enigma of the past.

In the groves of our time
Druidry lives on
With the revival of
The groves in the
Light of the moon.

A past to remember
And a future to reach for
Not acclaimed by war
Or dogma
In the groves of man. 

Alban Eilir 2004 Scanned by Mandy Gibson. Faint text in this copy can be read by zooming into the pdf.

Alban Hefin 2004 Scanned by Mandy Gibson. Most faint text in this copy can be read by zooming into the pdf. The exception is the poem “Fire Keeper” by Dean Gentilin on Page 9, reproduced below:

The sun had but set
The light is shallow
Looking through the heat haze
The stillness begins to dance
The dreaming has begun
Time was no more
Life rested in thought
Seconds flowed into minutes
Minutes to hours
Hours to years
Then centuries drifted away
I am alone in a time unknown
No man before me has seen this land
Nor the moon that rises in the sky
I am still, my breath is slow
The bats head south
Leaving their mountain roost
Their cries are like stories
As the trees begin to chant
I feel their energy pass into my soul
It feels good and I begin to smile

2005 coming soon



Alban Arthan 2006 Scanned by Mandy Gibson, includes a great article by past editor Wyverne.

Alban Hefin 2006 Scanned by Cherry and Denis Carroll (thankyou!)  🙂


Alban Arthan 2007 Scanned by Cherry and Denis Carroll (thankyou!)  🙂

Beltane 2007 Scanned by Cherry and Denis Carroll (thankyou!)  🙂


Lughnasadh 2008 Scanned by Cherry and Denis Carroll (thankyou!)  🙂


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