Here’s the latest SerpentStar, the 2009 Beltane issue. It’s bursting its seams with good reading for you all.

SerpentStar Beltane 2009

May your Beltane be truly blessed!

In the peace of the Grove

wyverne /|\

(Original uploaded file lost, restored by Elkie White, who writes “Serpentstar has grown in size and switched from the Equinoxes & Solstices to the 4 Fire Festivals since the last one I scanned. This magazine-like edition was edited by Wyverne. Following the success of Southern Echoes, she makes a call for an Anthology and CD of SH Bardry. Billy Dean has launched a film in response to the end date of the Mayan calendar on December 21 2012, and called it This Sacred Earth. Another exciting announcement is Damh the Bard’s inaugural visit to Australia. The ‘firsts’ continue with C. S. Mac Cath writing about the first International Celtic Gathering in Canada. The Melbourne Grove will host its first assembly in April and the program details have been included. Julie Mills writes about the triad of ancestors: those of bloodline, those of our tradition, and those of the land, and offers a verse from her personal inspiration. Wyverne offers her thoughts on Beltane in a stunningly colourful centre-page. She follows this with an article titled Greeting the New Gods and includes her translation of Amergin’s Poem. Further poems are by Mandagora – A Woman Divine, and Spear of Destiny – and Vyvyan Ogma Wyverne – The Red Wattle Bird.  There’s an old ballad called Dee-Side Cattle Raid and you can hear the melody to it at an internet site set up by Wyverne. An original crossword puzzle by Wyverne is on page 3 with answers on page 18. The Kids Page is divided into activities for Junior Bards, Young Ovates, and Budding Druids.”)